Wednesday, May 16


The later to do list.

Here is a list lil't wrote of what she wants to do in 15 years when she moves out of home.....

I did mention that the order might need to change a bit, hence the scribbles at the side.

She has now ventured into the wonderful world of watching Lassie on youtube. Oh the memories! 

The original Lassie with Liz Taylor

So lil't has decided she wants to rent a modern house, have a dog and work as a pop star or in an ice cream shop. Good to have ambitions.
She spent about 45 minutes researching appropriate dogs for her needs and she hit on the Scottish Collie. Such pretty dogs. But I was impressed with her research ability. Lil't has a lot of experience with dogs but mostly with Staffordshire Terriers. I think a Lassie dog would suit her very well indeed. She has since investigated jobs further, and is contemplating dog breeding. She is somewhat aware of the pros and cons of that industry, and as an animal lover will surely end up an activist on that front. She weeps at the mention of any animal injustice or cruelty!



    New EP of The Conversation... some bits Re: little girls and fairytales and then bits about being a strong woman!

    X X X

  2. Awesome. Will watch tomoz. I suggested to lil't that we volunteer somewhere with animals, she is so excited about the idea. x0x