Saturday, July 7


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Going Ga Ga for Ga Ga

We went to see Lady Gaga!


 My awesome friend Vonnie took some great pictures of us the day of the night of the Lady Ga Ga concert. I have nicked one of the pix from her site, but check out the link to her blog see the whole post. It is pretty hilarious.

Seeing Lady Ga Ga perform was incredibly inspirational. As a performer who comes from a family of theatre/circus/artists I was so blown away by her show. It was pure entertainment and talent perfectly executed. Everything from costumes, sets, direction, chorey, sound and lighting the dancers and most of all Ga Ga's voice, were all phenomenal.

Lil't has just been practicing Bad Romance on the piano. Tallulah spent the whole concert dancing on her chair singing along and screaming and clapping. We never ever forget our first concert experience! Mine was Wham in grade 6. It was AWESOME! Wearing our choose life tee shirts and fluro bobby sox...sigh....

Waiting impatiently for Lady Ga Ga. She rocked our socks off!

After the show. The set was AMAZING!