Saturday, May 19

Dolls House

Is It Real? 

By lil't. 

A Beautiful Georgian House.
A blank canvas interior.

there are six rooms the botom small room is the bathroom then the botom big one is the kitchen then the top small one is the gestroom then the one next to that is the loungeroom then in the next floor it's  bedroom one and bedroom two.
How real does this look!

in true life this is a doll's house it is brand new and we had it on laybuy for three month's then we brought it home with the kitchen furniture and a tea set and nothing else.

Above posts by lil't, unedited of course. 

Big T. 

This is such an exciting project. Perfect for the little girl in both of us. As a rampant emerging feminist I have to allow here and now, I love pretty things. Being a feminist doesn't mean we have to be macho and grow large beards, though I do like wielding my power tools and am dying to get back into furniture restoration. For me and my daughter it is about embracing the awesomeness of being a woman. This is going to be a decorative experience for lil't and I to share. To create a beautiful heirloom for our family. The project will require much planning and research. From installing light fittings to deciding on wall paper and flooring to learning how to create our own fittings. Soon we will go on a country adventure to our friend's grandma's house, as she has a whole room dedicated to miniatures. Lil't's father was also into miniatures, more of the ancient army varieties, ala DBM (De Bellis Multitudinis.) Another very nerdy pursuit of painting tiny little men and then having wee wars with them. This is a tad more peaceful methinks, but no less of a lesson in history and architecture and so much more.

Wednesday, May 16


The later to do list.

Here is a list lil't wrote of what she wants to do in 15 years when she moves out of home.....

I did mention that the order might need to change a bit, hence the scribbles at the side.

She has now ventured into the wonderful world of watching Lassie on youtube. Oh the memories! 

The original Lassie with Liz Taylor

So lil't has decided she wants to rent a modern house, have a dog and work as a pop star or in an ice cream shop. Good to have ambitions.
She spent about 45 minutes researching appropriate dogs for her needs and she hit on the Scottish Collie. Such pretty dogs. But I was impressed with her research ability. Lil't has a lot of experience with dogs but mostly with Staffordshire Terriers. I think a Lassie dog would suit her very well indeed. She has since investigated jobs further, and is contemplating dog breeding. She is somewhat aware of the pros and cons of that industry, and as an animal lover will surely end up an activist on that front. She weeps at the mention of any animal injustice or cruelty!

Monday, May 14

Happi-ness and Rainy-ness

Mothers day pressies Rock!


Ahh, I am so blessed. I had a terrific mothers day indeed. I received the perfect card and the perfect pressie from my fabulous perfect daughter. The key to this perfect pressie was that I took lil't shopping. I selected the toppingest teacup and saucer with her assistance, and  she excitedly paid for it. Nana helped her with the card creation earlier in the week. 

Our day began grocery shopping in the morning with my sister and nephew, we had a lovely time but i have to say I am sooo glad my child is no longer a toddler. 8 year old kids are FANTASTIC!  Lil't helped entertain a mildly grisly 2 year old C-man while Aunty and I wrangled with some stupidmarket shopping. Truly a fantastic Kid!

Mmmmm. My favourite tea cup and my favourite Clash tee shirt. Worlds collide in this household!

In the evening, after drinking about 12 cups of tea, I forced lil't to watch 42nd Street (yes I forced her, she wanted to bugger off). She declared numerous times that it was boring, which she often seems to do with black and white films, yet eventually fell under its spell which included singing along and tap dancing on the carpet. 

The film is 79 years old! Kinda blew me away. The costumes are amazing, but the best costumes are in the finale, they are incredibly foxy, garter belts, furry numbers with glittery tummies and cut WAY up to there. Lady GaGa et al really aren't that crazy with their costuming, nearly everything has been done before - except perhaps the meat frock and the cigarette sunnies. (lil't is a huge fan of said artist).
Overall a lovely, cosy and rainy Mothers Day.

Busby Burkeley Styling on 42nd Street. This impressed her!

Mothers day is a bit of a big deal for lil't. As her dad is no longer with us, Fathers day can prove a bit of a problem and Mothers day is extra important for her. When she was at school they were pretty dang insensitive about it, what with making the kids make things for their fathers, having the massive fathers day stall and all that exciting stuff. While I don't expect they would ever do anything as drastic as getting rid of such events, I was always amazed they never offered the kids with no dad (or mum) an alternative or some consideration. And I am very aware that she is not the only kid who has such a weight in her life. There are kids who have never met their dad, or whose mum has gone off the rails, or sometimes much worse. 

The generic treatment of kids at school means that often teeny little kids are left feeling really hurt and punished. Lil't had a male teacher in grade 1 who was very considerate of her situation, but sadly that is not the common rule and sadly he left the school. Some people may say suck it up as we can't possibly cater for everyone, but I say be thoughtful with children and they may just grow up to be thoughtful adults, I also believe we can cater for everyone, its a thing known as love and care. We can't keep punishing children for their situations. Being a mum and a dad for the last 3 years has been a tough job but I have had to do it,  I think I am doing A-Ok and she really is coping incredibly well.

Big hugs to all the mums and dads out there who are doing it a little bit harder than everyone else, and big hugs to every other parent too. 
We all need hugs.