Wednesday, June 12

Creating Identity

Fashion Passion Emerges

Lil't is discovering a passion for fashion, creating an identity to convey to herself and others. Communication via fashion is a very strong medium. We can instantly make assumptions or take cues from a persons way of dressing.

Tallulah has been experimenting with colour and layering, mixing things up, textures, and using hand made pretties to create some awesome outfits. There is no peer group involved in her process, no MTV no advertising. Just whatever is in her cupboard. As a result her outfits are comfortable, practical and often really bright and interesting.

Incorporating an obsession with lip balms into her get up, she is not particularly interested in makeup but when it comes to lip balms, the collection grows!

Clashes creating a colourful co-ordination!
Hand made felt brooch designed and made by Lil't.

No sense of self consciousness. Just a relaxed happy tweenie!

Amazing feet! Boots from Target. They are a ladies size 6. The kid is gonna be way tall!

Sunday, March 31

The War Memorial

Quite the profound experience for both of us. The war memorial in Canberra may be one of the best and most comprehensive exhibitions I have ever been to. Tallulah was captivated and was deeply moved on many levels. The scale was massive, the toll tangible. I left my SLR camera in Melbourne so all these pix were taken on my el-cheapo Samsung galaxy mobile phone mostly using Polaroid filtres.
A beautiful day, the parka is new so even though it was warm she had to be a character from the Mighty Boosh.
While not the biggest building it is very imposing and beautifully designed. People of all ages were there.

A small section of the thousands of names of lives lost in battle.

Everything is so big here.

Wall detail.
On the very far horizon you can see the flag waving atop parliament house.
These mosaics were mind boggling. Stunning works of art. Almost religious in their depiction of the type of hero's our country produced.

Such a serious and solemn room, but how much does this chap look like Gene Kelly?

Training cockpit.

There were so many aircraft.
The service at the end of the day was beautiful. Tallulah was enthralled. Some men my age were told off by a senior gentleman for not removing their hats during the last post. Ignorance in the modern age and a real lack of awareness of how much our grandparents and great grandparents sacrificed and went through to protect and improve our lives. I am no advocate of war, but I completely support the defenders of our lives and home and country. I keep my grandfathers uniform at the back of my wardrobe. A reminder every day.

Everything about this place was imposing, including the piper. You can just make him out in the previous photo.

A pensive mood prevailed as we filed out and they closed the iron gates behind us. We took our final shots and parted, feeling  very lucky and very sad. A strong sense of being terribly spoiled and also a bit of fear for what can happen any time. How would we cope if there was a world war now? Food for thought indeed.

Tuesday, March 12

Fast food.

So,  I was starving after a hard morning shopping at Savers and I just wanted some fast food.
I grabbed a tin of lentils which I drained a bit of the liquid from. Chucked it in a fry pan with a stick of chopped celery a heaped teaspoon of veg stock powder and a few semi dried tomatoes. The toms didn't really suit.
Simmered the lot till nearly all the liquid was gone. Served in a bowl with some Danish fetta.
5 mins tops! Enough for lunch for one or a snack for two. Serve with toffuti and lemon juice for vegany goodness.

Self Guided Learning

Today lil't taught herself to knit. She watched two youtube how to videos and now she is merrily at it. There is a lot to be said for self guided learning. Something I have been mastering since around the same age.
Since taking the photo and uploading it is already 3x as long!