Wednesday, June 12

Creating Identity

Fashion Passion Emerges

Lil't is discovering a passion for fashion, creating an identity to convey to herself and others. Communication via fashion is a very strong medium. We can instantly make assumptions or take cues from a persons way of dressing.

Tallulah has been experimenting with colour and layering, mixing things up, textures, and using hand made pretties to create some awesome outfits. There is no peer group involved in her process, no MTV no advertising. Just whatever is in her cupboard. As a result her outfits are comfortable, practical and often really bright and interesting.

Incorporating an obsession with lip balms into her get up, she is not particularly interested in makeup but when it comes to lip balms, the collection grows!

Clashes creating a colourful co-ordination!
Hand made felt brooch designed and made by Lil't.

No sense of self consciousness. Just a relaxed happy tweenie!

Amazing feet! Boots from Target. They are a ladies size 6. The kid is gonna be way tall!