Tuesday, March 12

Fast food.

So,  I was starving after a hard morning shopping at Savers and I just wanted some fast food.
I grabbed a tin of lentils which I drained a bit of the liquid from. Chucked it in a fry pan with a stick of chopped celery a heaped teaspoon of veg stock powder and a few semi dried tomatoes. The toms didn't really suit.
Simmered the lot till nearly all the liquid was gone. Served in a bowl with some Danish fetta.
5 mins tops! Enough for lunch for one or a snack for two. Serve with toffuti and lemon juice for vegany goodness.

Self Guided Learning

Today lil't taught herself to knit. She watched two youtube how to videos and now she is merrily at it. There is a lot to be said for self guided learning. Something I have been mastering since around the same age.
Since taking the photo and uploading it is already 3x as long!