Monday, September 17

Drumming and Humming

A blog post by Tallulah.

Hi folk's
Yay, I'm blogging [finally] and I'm blogging about my drummmmming lessons.
You see I really do hum while I do the drum so thats why this post is called drumming and humming [and because it rhymes] this is me drumming.
and moving on.......................................................................... :]''
So at the moment I have learned a bit of drumming.

Some of the things I have learned about are crotchets and quavers and quaver rests, which are single beats, half beats and single beat rests and I have also learned some more simple stuff. We have been doing the drums with the metronome and I've been practicing quite a bit but not as much as I would like  because me and mum have been quite busy over the last week or two or the last month.

Moving on to the last bit of the post. Well I think doing drums is really fun and I really recommend it. And I'm just kidding the post is not over yet. I'm also doing base drum, you have to stamp your foot on a special pedal, and the beater that is attached to the pedal hits the drum. I can use both hands and there are accents which make the notes louder and stronger.     

Me drumming. The marks on my face are a temporary tattoo! A good quality one too.
Nat Grant is my teacher. And I think she is quite cool, and she is cool like all my teachers because I have a cool life.

The End