Wednesday, May 9

Amazing Life Changes

Leaving the shop, the school and opening a page to a new life! 

After 4 years attempting to become a financially independent single mum running a design shop, I have decided to chuck it all in for a simpler life. I have taken my daughter Lil't (I am known as Big T) out of school and am putting my crafty biz Blue Attic online. This is going to be our journey for the next few years. One I hope that will be positive and full of humour and growth and love.

The last four years have been incredibly tough. The tragic death of Lil't's dad 3 years ago has taken a massive toll on us both, and suffering post traumatic stress while running a biz has stuffed up my health and set back the ol' career, but! we have survived with the help of our amazing friends and family, and via my own alternative ways we are here now. Ready to set sail on a new adventure!

Along the way you will see what we are getting up to in the kitchen, the craft room, and the school room (it's the biggest room, we have the whole universe). We will meet some of Lil't's teachers, whom are some our closest friends, and we will keep you posted on our excursions. Also I think there will be a few posts on the arts and music, with a focus on local and Australian talent!

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    I am looking forward to following this blog and visiting your little corner of the internet... keeping up with you is going to be SO much easier now!
    BIG LOVE!!! X X X