Friday, May 11

Making Scented Bath Salts for YA MUM! 


This was a great fun project, that was experimental and not too messy. I looked up a lot of recipes online but decided just to wing it, which is my preferred style whenever I cook or craft anyway. 

So we used a heap of Himalayan salts (which actually comes from Pakistan), a small heap of Epsom salts ( they come from Epsom in the UK-we get them cheap from the horse supplies shop) and a handful of Bi-Carb.  

We then bunged in some smelly oils and food colouring. We used baby rose perfume oil mixed with meditation oil. It smells pretty sickly, like a 1960's Nana, but that's what the t'girl wanted! We tried to make purple salts (her fave colour) by mixing blue and pink food dye but it kind of failed and turned out a gross blue-ish pink.  We then popped them into some cute bottles that we bought in Queensland while visiting Vonnie and the gang.

We will make these again for sure. But I will take control and choose the smells next time and we will also try using colour brites that I get from Aussie Soap Supplies .


  1. I really love the bottles! Sounds like a lot of fun:) I remember making soap as a kiddie, but we never did try our hand at bath salts.


  2. Super fun and super easy! The bottles are from an El Cheapo shop, cost about $3ea. I love them too!